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new job!
: I have a job now!! Working at a bike and outdoor sports store. I'm also going to be trained by the bike mechanic so I can assist. I like to work on bikes and now my arm is getting stronger so I'm pretty happy bout this. Pretty cool back in college job! I'm stoked!! They are happy to have a girl around too.

CONGRATS to You, Claudine!!! New Job! And in this Economy too! Way to go, Girl.
I was thinking about you earlier today: I was watching this Japanese game show called "Unbeatable Banzuke" & they had these people doing this absolutely RIDICULOUS obstacle course....ON UNICYCLES!!!!! I told Dawn 'next time I see this show Claudine will probably be on it!!!'
I hope I was wrong. Those people are CRAZY!!! And really good!!
Stay tuned for new pics & possibly video of my new slider plates for my SK8s. I just set them up this afternoon & haven't ridden them yet. I may have further tweaking to do before their "forum-worthy", but I'll get 'em soon.
Anyway, again, Kudos on the new Job.
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