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new job!
: : I have a job now!! Working at a bike and outdoor sports store. I'm also going to be trained by the bike mechanic so I can assist. I like to work on bikes and now my arm is getting stronger so I'm pretty happy bout this. Pretty cool back in college job! I'm stoked!! They are happy to have a girl around too.
: Congrats, go on girl...I'm sure you'll be acquiring some new toys there that you don't already have!
: Glad you're on a roll...(pun intended) go play lotto.

lol, oh no, I'm gonna be like a little kid working in a candy store but I guess thats his plan. He hired me after I was practicing my uni outside the building and I thought I might get in trouble, not! At least its not a skate shop. I hope I have a paycheck lol. I just sold a few toys I dont use much so I could afford a nice uni. But I signed a paper saying my dress code should reflect their outdoor clothing so need a few new duds lol. I might have to test ride that BMX dirt jumper to see if I can do a 180 off the curb and all lol. It better not be more fun then my mountain bike! :-D Yes, will need a few Life is Good t-shirts! They have free clinics and all too, cool! Maybe I can do a learn to kayak one as dont employees need these experiences?
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