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Latest Grind Plates.....
Hey All.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm including a couple pictures of my latest grind plates. I haven't skated them just yet (which is why I've taken them now in case I mangle them during their Virgin Session tomorrow morning. But I don't think they will.....I'm actually pretty anxious to try them out.

Latest Grind Set-Up 3/07/09 2

Latest Grind Set-Up 3/07/09 3

Anyway I'll let you know if/how they work tomorrow.
Thanks to Biff (I think) for basically shaming me into change! Keep healing, Bro.
Hope those of you who can are able to Skate this weekend. I'm always Stoked to see anybody's video/picture submissions from their sessions.
Those of you who can't Skate due to injuries, HEAL WELL!!


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