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Latest Grind Plates.....
Jay, I can't wait to hear how those work out. I have the same plates as you. I am currently using plastic screwed to jump bar and it works pretty good. Yours looks better and I can't wait to see how they hold up.

: : Hey All.
: : Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm including a couple pictures of my latest grind plates. I haven't skated them just yet (which is why I've taken them now in case I mangle them during their Virgin Session tomorrow morning. But I don't think they will.....I'm actually pretty anxious to try them out.
: :
: : Latest Grind Set-Up 3/07/09 2
: :
: : Latest Grind Set-Up 3/07/09 3
: :
: : Anyway I'll let you know if/how they work tomorrow.
: : Thanks to Biff (I think) for basically shaming me into change! Keep healing, Bro.
: : Hope those of you who can are able to Skate this weekend. I'm always Stoked to see anybody's video/picture submissions from their sessions.
: : Those of you who can't Skate due to injuries, HEAL WELL!!
: :
: : PEACE.................Jay
: :
: Hi All,
: Wasn't able to skate today due to some ass-kicking virus I've got. The plates ARE Aluminum, but it's strong stuff. I hope it'll hold. I just LOVE the sound of metal when grinding.....I'll post something once I'm able to....
: Sure hope Everybody feels better than me today!!!
: PEACE.....Jay
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