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After pic
: : Just in case you're curious, I was allowed to get my xray. Heres the after broken arm pic, 98% healed. Hopefully I can get that ipod out! This pic doesnt show it as much but yes, my bone is curved now lol.
: WOW!!! Bionic Woman! I LIKE it....:) Keep healing. Be careful on that 1-wheeler....I like having at least 4 wheels on the ground at all times.LOL!!
: Seriously, cool pic. Get better soon.....
: Jay

Thanks Jay! I have my fingers crossed but it looks like this coming up Tuesday is my surgery to get the ipod out lol. Long as I dont get any crazy letters saying my insurance is canceled. But I think I'm out the red. I'm just a bit bummed about the insurance thing as I realize bowl skating IS dangerous. So thats why the uni. Its hard, challenging, fun, but only will be a foot off the ground so not bad. The uni I ordered at the place I work should be in Friday! Fat tire and all. :-D I might consider trying to get my hands on a longboard deck too so I can cruise. Might just be street skating a bit but hopefully things will work out soon and I can roll the bowls. I really miss it! How do people just quit? I only stop because of injury. This is so much fun. I wish I had bones of rubber lol.
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