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After pic
: : : : : : : : : Just in case you're curious, I was allowed to get my xray. Heres the after broken arm pic, 98% healed. Hopefully I can get that ipod out! This pic doesnt show it as much but yes, my bone is curved now lol.
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: : : : : : : : WOW!!! Bionic Woman! I LIKE it....:) Keep healing. Be careful on that 1-wheeler....I like having at least 4 wheels on the ground at all times.LOL!!
: : : : : : : : Seriously, cool pic. Get better soon.....
: : : : : : : : Jay
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : Thanks Jay! I have my fingers crossed but it looks like this coming up Tuesday is my surgery to get the ipod out lol. Long as I dont get any crazy letters saying my insurance is canceled. But I think I'm out the red. I'm just a bit bummed about the insurance thing as I realize bowl skating IS dangerous. So thats why the uni. Its hard, challenging, fun, but only will be a foot off the ground so not bad. The uni I ordered at the place I work should be in Friday! Fat tire and all. :-D I might consider trying to get my hands on a longboard deck too so I can cruise. Might just be street skating a bit but hopefully things will work out soon and I can roll the bowls. I really miss it! How do people just quit? I only stop because of injury. This is so much fun. I wish I had bones of rubber lol.
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: : : : : : that is a heavy duty injury, it looks like you have some mechano pieces in there, it has healed well though.
: : : : : : remember the squeeky wheel gets the oil, so pipe up and make sure you get the best treatment. youll be ok,+ back in the bowl before you know it . good luck.
: : : : : : cheers , h .
: : : : : : ps, our m.o.s.s.jam this w/end , will post pics.
: : : :
: : : : I hope to sort the insurance deal but it may start costing me my entire monthly paycheck. Ortho drs. dont take state medical insurance which is my dilemma. I can squeak! Rollerskating is muy importante lol.
: : : :
: : : : Hey harry, you like a longboard better then a skateboard? I'm doing amazingly well at my new job because I prioritize my toys to be #1 lol and evening looking at them makes me uber happy. I'm looking for one used and have someone I can slip it with cause I just need a deck. I still dont understand where my arm is in strength as far as what I can do yet. I just know I cant risk falling 5-10' without medical period. But I think its almost there.
: : :
: : : well i think its good your showing restraint, glad to hear you have landed on your feet with the new job, and agree that longboarding is probably safer to ease back into it.
: : : ive recenyly stepped up to a rayne hellcat deck with 180 randells and big green kryptonics underneath, it feels good to be secure whilst giving the ditch a good workout.
: : : ok, take it easy and stick to the rink for a while, on your skates. cheers, h .
: :
: : I cant go to the rink now as its far and I work during rink hrs. Plus I'm earning not much money at all. But I'm going to just rollerskate on flat parking lots and chill!
: :
: : But I am thinking of getting a board like this!
: :
: : It looks cool to dance on it, walk, cross step and stand on the front/rear to balance on wheels, carve. I'm just not a board flipper and dont think downhill is a good idea for me. But I think this is out of my non budget lol. I might have to find something else to sell. ;-D Or I might get a carver that is surfy like a sector9. But my randalls are 150s I think so those need 180s.... I have abec 11s 75a which are sweet! I'm getting a way cool unicycle from my work I think tomorrow! That is tons of fun. I need to practice tricks for some reason as that makes me really happy. My rollerskates will have to be more fitness skating cause all my tricks on them are dangerous right now. But I'll work on sidestance and stuff like that I guess. Just told myself no jumping more then inches lol, no ramps or bowls, nothing with any significant drop, no super fast speeds, think I'll be fine. By the time I get insurance, my arm will be solid too so it will work out.
: my brother used to have unicycles, he rode a 6 footer in our cities moomber parade back in the day, he also had a small one. i could ride the short one quite well also, i remember lots of arm waving when conering.
: longboard on a budget,i made my 1st one from a cut down snowboard i found at the tip (landfill), i fitted an aluminium spar underneath to stiffen it, paris trucks mounted dropthrough, i still use it, its now my downhill unit, super stable. they are easy to fabricate, ive made a few now.
: anyhow, ive got to go now, bowl tour on today, 3 bowls around town followed by twilight in the ditch . then tomorrow is mossjam 09 at franga big bowl, apparently some big name u.s. pros will be in attendance, lucky us .
: you can check it out on our site,
: cheers, h .

I remember your reular bike Harry,,you use to ride that everywere on one wheel,cant say I remember you ever with the front wheel down.

cheers joe
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