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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Latest in the Grind Plate Chronicles.....
: : OK, so as most of you no doubt surmised, the Aluminum grind plates were NOT strong enough!
: ***Good try though,....but to use aluminum, you need much thicker stock. I made plates out of aluminum for my skates two versions ago. They never bent once.***
: Another Angle on Assembled Plates
: : Thanks again everybody. Hope you're mildly amused. :)
: : PEACE.......Jay
: ***I am very amused!!! I have never laughed so hard! When I saw those electrical boxes on your skates, I busted!! Man, I'm going to get better JUST so that I can go skating with you. I've gotta see your "electric skates" in action!!! LOL!

: ►"Frankenstein rides again!"◄

Rarrrr!!Jay like Skate!!!! Seriously, I think I may add switch to side of boxes...maybe one position labeled "vert" & one labeled "mini". What do you think? LOL!!! Keep healing, Bro. I wanna skate with you too. Hope you can make it to RC this year.....
: I'm glad it works for you!
: Cheers!
: Biff***
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