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: Good home work Jay. Cruising along other aisles is a very good idea to find extra source of material!!! I sometimes do it to find ideas too, but without my wife, because she always says, "what are you going to buy again?" In kitchen ware, you should find teflon like stuff in "cutting plates", well you know, 'plastic' plates where you put food on you want to slice (don't know exact word...)
: Putting/removing skates and protec stuff is dangerous for my back too, you were lucky to have a problem after session, I had once just before trying a new vert..... too bad...
: Cheers and have fun!!!!!
Hey Zorg,
Thanks. I think the term you were looking for is "cutting board". I have been looking for that material in bulk, but haven't had any luck. I guess I'll just buy a cutting board & hack it up. I want some plastic sliders as well as my metal ones in case I want something different. or in case my metal ones don't work on some surface. Plus, everybody else is doing it so I wanna do it too! LOL!!
So, you've had some pre-session protective gear-related injuries? That sucks. It's always the little things, right? Whenever I get hurt skating it seems like it's either @ the roller rink (which means no pads & I'm USED to wearing/falling with pads) or on some little 3 or 4 foot mini where I slam rather that slide out of fall. I even half-joke with my wife saying if I ever break my back/neck it'll be doing something entirely mundane, like getting out of the shower. Let's hope not though.
Have you been doing much skating? I'd love to see another of your lip-trick/grinding tutorial videos! :)
I'll try to get some video with the new plates by this weekend.....nothing in your league, but just to show that they acvtually work.
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