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THANK YOU, Irene Ching!!!!!!!These new Slider-Plates ROCK!!!
Yeah, I build my own skates, love it! I actually dont trust others to mount my skates as I'm seriously picky lol. And anal about it lol. But just a suggestion as far as lightening up the plastic part. Just letting you know it doesnt have to be a solid block if you want something lighter. You did great!!

: : Hahaha, funny belly!! Dont tell her but I think I'm getting a 6 pack from unicycling lol.
: :
: : Hey, you might want to look at my design. Actually you should thank the spaniards as I got it from them and so did Irene. But if you cut out the sides and all, you can hollow it out and make it much lighter! It works just fine. I used a regular jigsaw.
: :
: : Check out my images of sliders:
: :
: :
: :
: :
: : :
: Thanks, Claudine. I like your set-up! You put those SK8s together from scratch? I'm IMPRESSED, Girl! An artist, athlete, & an engineer too. It took me over a month to work up the nerve just to drill those 2 holes in each speed plate on my X-Mas SK8s. And those are factory skates I'm riding. That's why my HMWP sliders are shaped like they are:so they'd fit the existing holes. I'm not risking any more holes in those aluminum speed plates! :)
: But I totally like what you did with yours. Have fun on the uni,bike,sk8s.......;)
: PEACE..........................Jay
: : : For giving me the link to US Plastics!!!! I am STOKED about my new HMWP (Heavy Molecular Weight Plastic) sliders. WOW!!
: : : These things KICK ASS!!!!
: : : Now, I know I've been saying how much I love my Metal plates for the sound, & I still love that sound, but these are VASTLY superior for sliding on metal coping. Silent, but Superior!
: : : I know most of you already know this & have for years, but it's me. Remember, I thought I was the only vert rollerskater left just a few years ago.....Lone Ranger & all that. I was reinventing the Wheel! LOL!
: : : Anyway, thanks to Sister Irene! Much LOVE!!
: : : Check 'em out:
: : : Latest Set-up March 26 2008 3
: : :
: : : Latest Set-up March 26 2008 2
: : :
: : : Latest Set-up March 26 2008
: : :
: : : Now, I finished putting these together last night at about 8:45pm. That's actually pretty late for me as I start work @ 5am Mon-Fri. However, they looked SO GOOD I had to try 'em out. I went to my local park & was tearing it up til nearly 10:30! That's LATE for this Old Man on a work night! But well worth it. I was able to hit slides on much smaller stuff than I'm used to. It was really cool.
: : : I know I thanked Irene already, but I want to thank everyone for their input/interest, etc. The collective experience & wisdom, for our tiny niche sport, is invaluable to me. Not to mention the comaraderie. And the SKATING!!!!!
: : : Let me close this with a couple pics of my Preggo wife, Dawnie from last weekend. I'm the "artist". If such can be said. Thanks everybody. Much Love to All. And, of course, PEACE!
: : : The Whole World in her Hands
: : :
: : : The End Result....& the Boy's name.
: : :
: : : Mommy, Daddy & World
: : :
: : : Have a great weekend, Everybody!!!!!
: : : Jay
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