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THANK YOU, Irene Ching!!!!!!!These new Slider-Plates ROCK!!!
Good stuff Jay,agree with Irene on the support block and the credit to MrB.Just my opinion but the sound of grinding is best from trucks and the sound of sliding is best from plastic,,just like in skateboarding.Disasters and rock slides are a thing of beauty and a rad sound unto themselves.It's all good,just like you and Dawnie,,you both look stoked with the upcomming bub and thats rad to see.You could have added Oz somewere on ya guts,or was that too far down under too show on a family friendly forum.
How far are you's off now?Keep ripping.

cheers joe

: I'm trying to remember the first skates I saw with plastic rails attached, most likely Brian Wainwright. He had attached skateboard rails cut down right on the plate bottoms, so the risk of hang ups were real high. He finally had molded plastic blocks specific for skates, all one piece including baseplates for the truck hangars.
: There are so many homemade variations that everyone has contributed their ideas and it's so cool to see what comes out and what everyone here prefers to ride. Credit goes to Claudine for the link to US Plastics. I'd still like to find metal, similar to skateboard trucks, to try as sliders...just for the sound! Psyched that you're digging your ride. Might I suggest putting a block in the middle for support so the don't cave inward. Post some vids soon.
: Dawnie looks radiant, you both look great! Miss you and can't wait to meet Ryder.
: KUDOS to Mr B, for without him, we wouldn't know shite
: roll on y'all, irene
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