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h.ludi (pictures by h.ludi)
Check out this new hybrid skate!
: OK guys, dont mess with whats perfect. Lets spend time designing the quick release air suit that prevents ANY and ALL injuries so I be supergirl again!! Lets stick with our prioritites lol..

i could of used the q r a suit last sunday at longboarding when i collided with a stray board and slammed heavily.
at least i didnt break it(L/H collarbone)again, but it hurt like fuck when i ploughed(head first)up the gutter and into the shrubs. my left tit is still black and it feels like i have developed an extra tit on my left shoulder. and i thought l/boarding would be safer.
all is o k, im on the mend. cheers, h .

: : : : We girls keep the straightjacket handy for you fellas...hehe
: : :
: : : Ouch!
: : :
: : : : I've often wonder how it would be if the frame of an inline skate would flex slightly, mimicking trucks. They're just too static.
: : :
: : : Now that's an innovative idea! The old plastic frames did flex a bid, but that was by accident and not by design. Ofter this slowed the skate down. But how about a two part frame, one with the two front wheels and one the other two. Both can turn ...
: : :
: : inlines wheels can't carve well unless they are placed in a "rocker" position (curved like figure skate blades). I think a 2 part frame might help, but not enough.
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