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Check out this new hybrid skate!
AS I SAID! Lets get working on this air suit!! :-D We all need it lol.
Thats kinda why I didnt get the sweet longboard deck. I figured I was digging another ditch lol. So far the off road MTB and unicycle and BMX dirt jumping is going OK. My arm started getting spasms from lifting heavy weights so didnt skate this week so that could rest. I'm not sure if jumping with the bike is helping lol....

: i could of used the q r a suit last sunday at longboarding when i collided with a stray board and slammed heavily.
: : at least i didnt break it(L/H collarbone)again, but it hurt like fuck when i ploughed(head first)up the gutter and into the shrubs. my left tit is still black and it feels like i have developed an extra tit on my left shoulder. and i thought l/boarding would be safer.
: : all is o k, im on the mend. cheers, h .
: Ouch, sounds like a very nasty encounter with mother earth. I hope you recover very quickly and never slam again.
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