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Dinky skateparks :-(
: Seems like the closest and free skatepark that is open before 3pm (I work tonight or have night classes) is this one 5 miles away. Why are all the skateparks by me made for 5 year olds that just want to do ledges? What can I do to make this more fun? Until my classes are over and working more hours, can afford time/money for long hauls or paid parks. Unless someone wants to write my paper lol, I dont have a 2 hr. window right now just for driving.

I might join this one instead. Its 7 miles away but its SMOOTH concrete and there is a flow to it with corners. It doesnt open til 3 on weekdays until school is out but the other skatepark I tried was geared towards a bike really. Lots of ramps to boxes and launches. The halfpipe was 4 1/2 feet with almost 10 feet between so hard to get a good speed going. It was kinda boring and rattly. I will be out of school in about a month so its not much longer til I have evenings.

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