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h.ludi (pictures by h.ludi)
Dinky skateparks :-(
: Closest free bowl for me is 40+ miles. :-(
: : : The only two parks I go to are 9.42 miles away and 13.38 miles away. The closest park to me is way too small and designed towards small skateboard street skating. Hardly any ramps, and what ramps they do have are REALLY small.
: : :
: : : A good skate park is worth the trip.
: :
: : It is but money means I have limited miles/insurance on my car and tight on time now too. I work and take classes. So the only option is skating a couple times a month then now.

that park is similar to our newport one, except ours has a ripper little bowl.
hey bean, cast your mind back a couple of months, you werent sk8ing at all. dont worry things will get better.
7 + 13 miles, thats in mtb range.
cheers, h .
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