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Jason (pictures by Jason)
Hi, I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself and ask a few questions. First though, I must say I'm very excited to find other people into this, I've been looking for a long time.

Anyway, I'm 24 and live in California, looking to get a little more seriously into skating again. I used to go to the rink every once in a while when I was a kid, but really first started skating a lot in high school. Spent everyone Friday and Saturday night at the rink, got pretty good and getting into rexxing. In college, I hung out with a lot of inliners and stuck to the streets pretty much for the next couple of years, until my poor skates completely bit the dust. (I had a pair of basic model Rydell artistic skates since I had been doing all rink skating, needless to say they didn't hold up so well. By the time I fianlly tossed them, my wheels were worn down to odd shapes, the bearings were completely shot, most of the axels on the trucks were bent and the boots had a few holes in them)

Anyway, without skates I haven't done so much skating in the past year or so, but I am absolutely fiending to hit the local skate parks, I never really got a chance to try them out before. After a lot of searching I was starting to figure I was out of luck as far as finding a pair of quads that would handle agressive/vert stuff. So anyway, I seek advice in what to get as far as a new pair of skates. I'm looking for something that will hold up under a lot of punishment, but not really looking for anything top of line since I'm just starting out really in the world of vert. Is there anything pre-assembled that is worth getting, or is ordering parts the way to go? Also if anyone knows a place to buy stuff in the San Francisco area that would be awesome, I'm impatient :)

I've checked out the new Sketchers skates a bit, since they are probably the most readily available, anyone have an opinion on those? I'm terribly suspicious that they suck, but seeing them in the store is so tempting...
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