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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Welcome to this forum. It's alway a joy to meet more people interested in vertical roller skating.

: By the time I fianlly tossed them, my wheels were worn down to odd shapes, the bearings were completely shot, most of the axels on the trucks were bent and the boots had a few holes in them)

Seems that you are a real skater ...

As for vert skates: Normally you have to build your own ones. You can try vert skating with any pair of skates, but you will reach the limits of your skates sooner or later. Did you read my article on how to build vertical rollerskates or Tim Altic's article or did you have a look at Tim's current setup?.

As for buying a set of skates in San Francisco, you can try Skates On Haight (Follow the link on theresource page. Also have a look at Lisa's and Tobi's sites).

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