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h.ludi (pictures by h.ludi)
Everyones too old!
: : : Anyone else feel out of place?
: :
: : Nope! People give up too soon. I will not live by their standards.
: :
: : "Skate or die"
: : Biff

correct answer.
: One thing I can understand, here a lot of people work 10 hr days, have kids, etc. So they stop everything. But my boss told me yesterday I am a bit unusual lol, even just for a girl! I'm so happy there is an Irene. ;-D I think I still rank in being eccentric as also dirt jumping, log jumping, unicycling, bicycle mechanic, artist, mother of the small furries and abnormally tiny on top of that lol. Actually its cool to be different!! I wouldnt want to be a plain Jane.
: But I have decided I'm way too old for school now lol.

if we were all the same it would be bloody boring.
they say you only go to school/uni to learn how dumb you really are anyway.
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