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Everyones too old!
: : : My body is still out of shape, but its doing OK. My aches will be resolved with stretching for the most part I was told. I'm going to be able to keep my insurance for a bit longer. Now I have to decide if I want them to break down scar tissue in my elbow and wrist also so I can get back more mobility. All these surgeries make me feel like I'm a frail old woman lol. I'm not sure why but I dont seem to be aging like my friends have, looks or ability wise. And I hope this keeps up!
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: : : : The worst part is having an old body and a young mind. My body aches all of the time and just wish it could keep up with what I would like to do.
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: : : : : Anyone else feel out of place? Sometimes I forget but today it hit me. People "my age" are sitting on the outside watching their kids skate. Then my friend from high school who was going to show me how to jump logs said hes too old to do the more advanced trails. So I'm biking by myself tomorrow. Everyone my age thinks free time is going out to eat and thats fun. I think free time is FUN time! There arent enough hours in the day. I can eat to the skatepark or to the trails and on the way back. I'm not retired so between work and school, my fun time is limited. And I need my 2 hours of fun a day. :-D
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: : hi all, i know this feeling well. the mind says full steam ahead and the body says ease up a bit.
: : rolled ringwood bowl this morning, all good, plenty of carving + some airs. just been at the uni car park on the wood ( longboard ) getting into sliding, hit a chunk of bark ( at low speed ) and roll off the front straight onto l/h shoulder , ouch. it hurt a bit but ok now. the bruising had only just faded after my last misshap. ive set myself back a fortnight though.
: : enough pissing and moaning, joe and i will be rolling frankston bowl next sat as it is our moss jam (take-2) after we were washed out last month.
: : cheers all, h .
: : Howdi Harry! And Everybody else too! I know this feeling as well, but never let it keep me down. As Biff said: "Skate or Die!!!" or at least "Skate or start feeling OLD!!"
: Harry, I wanna see footage from you & Joe's session @ Frankston Bowl. Drag somebody else with you boys to man (or woman) the camera full-time! I wanna see it ALL! The good runs, the falls, the cussing...etc!
: I skated today for only the 2nd time since my son was born. Pretty weak, I know, 2 times in 3 weeks, but what can I say? But I did have a really good time skating Anthem today with my boarder friend, Ian.
: Nothing's set in Stone yet, but I have selected the parks & sequence for this year's RollerCon Skate Park Tour. I'm actually expecting an email from my Graphic Artist friend who's doing all the artwork/formatting of the this year's flyer. I'm stoked to see what he's done with the images I gave him.
: I'm also Stoked about the possibility of a trip to California next weekend to see & skate with my good friend Duke. Even though Ryder will only be about 4 weeks old, he travels well & I think Dawnie's getting sick of seeing these same walls 24/7.
: So, if that happens, & I think it will, look for another of my long-winded narratives with pics & vids embedded as usual.
: Anyway, hope everybody's had an Awesome, Skate-filled Weekend!
: And, Claudine, you're only as Old as you Feel, Darlin'. :) Keep that in mind as you Roll.....
: Later Skaters.......PEACE.............Jay

I just think I'm nuts lol. I went to these dirt jumps first time today. Did the lower ones. Some kids came up and even they didnt try them lol. So I outdid the kiddies! I slammed in the gap. My fault I wimped out and didnt bunny hop the top but dirt is easy on the body. Just scared me. I parked on the wrong side so had to climb rocks up a 10 foot cliff with a BMX. So guess this old womans doing OK! ;-D I'm probably going to stick with the uni/rollerskating for a bit though until school is out. I seem to have caught a serious case of spring fever but I have limited time right now for play. I'm a wus in skating but wanting to get a few tricks back, sloooowly. I just seem to love all the sports where you feel like you are on a rollercoaster or flying in the air.
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