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handplants soon?
: Oh no, hope you get better!

It's a lot better already. I can close my fist again fully which wasn't feasible. Therefore I think it's not that severe. But it feels a bit similar to the damage on the other hand last year. The hand hasn't lost its function, so I guess it's not so bad.

: I slammed on my BMX and my hip was sore for 2 days. I will wear padding on my hips now.

Egad! I always have a hip pad on my right hip when skating a ramp or similar, but that was no use. The gloves came in handy, however. At least no scratches.

: I DO need to stretch more. My aches tend to come from not enough that.

You are so right. Sigh.

: I think I'll start headstands to handstands against the wall and see how that goes.

That's probably a good idea. Maybe also pull-ups and push-ups.
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