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handplants soon?
Holy shit Irene! I was thinking I'm getting some meat on my bones lol. But thats compared to my pics of me outta cast hahaha. Hey, not fair. In NY they give bigger portions lol. But watch out. I found a BMX motorcross track not too far and some dirt jumps and guys to teach me so I'm lifting 30 lbs constantly, and 40 lb bikes at work. ;-D

But any time. Come down and I'll gladly let ya kick my ass good!! There are no girls here my age that can even attempt to kick my ass so I'm in!

But COOLNESS, I just walked up the other wall in my hallway and did my first HANDSTAND! Woo-hoo!!!!!! Its harder since I cant 100% straighten my arm. Cant hold it long but I did it.

This summer I will be doing my froggy plants again. :-D 2 weeks school is out and that means every evening at the park across the street to practice. Give me a few months of bulking and practice. It will be upside down Claudine ripping away!!!!!!

: : Hey, the bike mechanic and BMX is doing me good. Maybe not lady like, but I dont think my arm is frail anymore and strong is my goal. Think I should start with handstands? Irene, lets arm wrestle lol.
: Yeah? When ya wanna wrestle? haa...
: Any you fellas wanna make some bets? $$$
: I'll need to step up my training regime... my secret is using chopsticks to bring bits of food to my mouth.
: I started w/handstands against the wall. Can you push from headstand to handstand? I still can't balance handstands. I should add more sake.
: Mr B, glad you're not seriously damaged. My ribs are still a bit sore from a crash on 4/4. Heal quickly, skate angels be with you!
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