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putting up my first videos
: : Nothing too exciting. I am still afraid of the concrete. My bone is 100% but its like I"m afraid to push and get some speed. I have PLENTY of pads on lol. I also have soft wheels that feel like mud but still not pushing the walls, just rolling them mostly. Any hints how to get over this? I'm dropping in on 10 feet on my BMX, so not sure why I'm so tight still. But even on the BMX on the landings, I'm not nearly as soft as I should be. And right now dirt isnt scary.
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: : This is only my 2nd time at the bowls. I guess I need to go to the kiddy skatepark now that I dont have night class and in time I will relax. I just get tired of waiting for it to open, then it rains or I have to work, school etc. so I drove to the bowls today lol. Its really sunny out! I'll post the videos I have. Just put my camera on the ledge. So I did get one good stall but the camera missed it and a half attempt at a grab. Again, I need to put my hard wheels on and let it go and pump!
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: : Hey Robert, did you skate so hesitantly at first? I feel retarded as I know I can skate better then this. I dont seem to fear jumping things with my bike half as much?????
: yur doing the mindf*ck. you didn't crash bmxing, so it's ok. take it easy ... no worries, enjoy and have fun rolling again. soon you'll be wanting to daredevil again!

I'm still tight even on the BMX track. My legs and arms are bent, but not the loosey-goosey shock absorbers they should be. But certainly not as afraid of dirt which is why I've been digging this. I guess its time to slowly face concrete again. I should have practiced some falls but yesterday the kids all came out the skatepark to watch me since unicycling is so f*ckin tight/sick to them lol. They all had to watch me and I looked over and fell off on my freaking knee like a dumb butt lol. I had on guards but the bike ones arent the same as skate ones.
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