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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
putting up my first videos
I know my soft wheels suck for concrete but they are perfect for my lame park on asphalt with all the pebbles and bumps. There are no big ramps and even the small half pipe if I actually push, I can easily pop over the coping. I am not sure how many times its OK to change the wheels til I need new nuts. So I left them on since I'm cheap right now. I guess I will slowly work on lip tricks here at my skatepark across the street. I really want to slide on pool coping lol.

: :
: : : I had my outdoor street-skatepark wheels on and didnt switch. Should have. They do feel like mud on concrete though. But honestly, after what I went through most everyone I know would have quit. So probably normal to be hesitant? I think I just gotta roll and I'll be back. Time to post my vids lol.
: I didn't really answer your question. You are right. Soft outdoor wheels are not that great for park skating. Too sluggish, and you have to pump twice as hard.
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