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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
New Videos & Old Pics & Videos & Thoughts for those planning to attend RollerCon....which should be ALL OF YOU!!!! LOL!!!

Hello All,
Just went skating twice (in same day) over the Holiday weekend with my boarder buddy Ian. The temps are already in the triple digits here in Vegas,so I gotta make sure I'm acclimated to the Desert skating conditions. :)
It got me thinking to year's past & problems/complaints other skaters had. People were HOT! The heat ought to be self-evident, but you can't say it enough. Drink WATER!! I don't know what you can really do to prepare yourself locally if you don't live in a desert in a dry sauna??? I don't know. I drink lots of water AND lots of sports drinks to replenish eloctrolytes & I'm fine. but I live & work here in it so I'm acclimated. That's why all the skateparks are @ night. I'd do them even later (cooler) but city parks all close @ 10pm.

Anyway, my buddy was good enough to film me yesterday @ the 2 parks we hit. I thought I'd include them, along with some older stuff from the other parks, on this year's tour so you guys had an idea of the parks here in Sin City.....
Here's the outdoor park (not on tour) we hit while waiting for Area 702 to Open yesterday:

Sorry about the knee-shot @ end there...Ian was just learning to use my Camera.

So here's this year's RC SK8 Park Tour Flyer:

2009 RollerCon SK8 Park Tour Flyer

Now, I don't have any vids or pics of Stops 1 or 2 handy. Suffice it to say they're small parks, more suited to novice skaters, but with fun elements for even experienced skaters as well. AND after Stop 2 I have a Secret Backyard Pool 2 blocks from there for the Vert Crew to hit.....Check it Out:

Wagon Wheel Private Pools:
Wagon Wheel Pools

Stop 3 is Hollywood SK8 Park. Bad Ass. Here's some stuff from last couple years' RCs there:

Desi Jones, Duke Rennie & Me in HW 1/2 Pipe:

Brother Duke in HW Full-Pipe:
Duke Rennie
And take my word for it: He gets ALOT higher than this pic shows! Like 1030 or 1100!! Ridiculous! And Awesome!

And just because it's probably my fav SK8 pic here's
Duke, Desi & I Triple Inverts:
Desi Jones,Duke Rennie,JayTheRollerSkater,Hollywood SK8 Park,Las Vegas NV

Stop 4 is indoors!!! With big cooling fans!!!! And I've rented ENTIRE facility for our exclusive use. :) Plus this will be my 40th B-Day party & after this stop we'll be hosting a party at a bar in Imperial Palace (IP) with bottle service etc.....good times. You are all, of course, cordially invited.
Anyway Area 702.....
Here's Irene Ripping the Vert Ramp last December:

Here's Lee this Jan rippin the Killer Bowl they have:

Here's me yesterday on their brand-new Mini-Vert Ramp. I call it that because it's 6 feet tall & less than 6 inches from being vert. Challenging, but fun.

Finally Stop 5. Chosen, I must confess mostly due to it's proximity to my house. It's a long week for me & I'll have to be @ work @ 5am that next day! Smaller than all other parks, but still fun. Especially for less experienced skaters.
Here's poster girl P.I.T.A., last month, at Stop 5 Duck Creek:

Anyway, hope to see you all there......seriously. the more the merrier. last pic.......A bunch of us @ Hollywood in 2007:
Chris Rennie

PEACE Out Everybody!!!!!!!

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