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Smith Knee Gaskets
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: Irene, do you use those knee gaskets under your knee pads to keep them from slipping? Or are they just used when not skating vert? I'm thinking about getting some because my knee pads slip now and then. Right now I'm sporting an inch and a half road rash on my left knee because my knee pad slipped on a 10 foot fall into a bowl.
: And what is that padded strip type "helmet" thing? I guess that is also for 'when not doing vert'? Street skating perhaps? And where on Earth do you get something like that?

Yes and yes, slippage has happened, screws pulling pads off, and the smith knee pads need a little more padding. These gaskets have nice padding that covers the whole kneecap area. Good for street sk8ing (inlines) and for icy trails snowboarding. Crete still scares me, but it's getting better. I need a new pair... lemme know if ya find a deal.

haha.... That's an old school bicycle helmet. NYCity parks don't care what ya got on, so for hot days and small ramps....sheesh. gotta love ebay!

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