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rains too much lol
: Heres my mtb I fixed up. Liking it better so far except the chain slap jumping things lol. But we are STILL getting huge rain storms. Its all mud here! I didnt get far on the trails before I did a home run slide on a simple bridge of all things. No biggie, pads had me sliding so just lots of noise and me laughing cause I'm feeling lame. So not sure what I can do thats fun with all this bandaging. I might just skate the streets or tape a guard to my wrist? I'm just bored lol. Is everyone else getting so much rain? What is this, global raining????

No Rain HERE, Honey!!! Sin City is dry. Probably warmer than you'd like, but definitely DRY!
Don't they have any indoor parks near you for foul skating weather?!?!
Good Luck! Jay
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