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rains too much lol
: : Heres my mtb I fixed up. Liking it better so far except the chain slap jumping things lol. But we are STILL getting huge rain storms. Its all mud here! I didnt get far on the trails before I did a home run slide on a simple bridge of all things. No biggie, pads had me sliding so just lots of noise and me laughing cause I'm feeling lame. So not sure what I can do thats fun with all this bandaging. I might just skate the streets or tape a guard to my wrist? I'm just bored lol. Is everyone else getting so much rain? What is this, global raining????
: No Rain HERE, Honey!!! Sin City is dry. Probably warmer than you'd like, but definitely DRY!
: Don't they have any indoor parks near you for foul skating weather?!?!
: Good Luck! Jay

The closest park is over an hour away (restricted driving insurance now), costs $10 to get in and I am still all bandaged up. Seriously, I think my arm is OK if I just taped a wrist guard piece to it. I might just get on my uni. The roads are dry. I am just not into riding my bike on streets, nothing much to jump over lol. I dont remember ever getting so much rain! This has been insane. It will pour 2" at a time. I'm lucky my apt. hasnt been flooded. Wish I were in LA! I have too much energy to be sitting around.
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