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Hey, video for you!
I found out more about that park, and now I know what you mean by 'key holder'! I had wondered when you mentioned it. I wonder, are key holders allowed guests? And if so, how many at a time?? I can see how this type of membership could lead to a$$holes excluding people they don't like, for what ever reason. I hate haters.

Irene, do you have a membership there?

Below is the info I found on Concrete disciples.

Autumn Skatepark - Brooklyn, New York, United States

The newest skate structure in NYC, and the first not built by Andy Kessler, Merk, or Wally Holliday. This new bowl is located in the heart of the ship yards in Brooklyn, inside of a really sketchy warehouse. Autumn skateshop in Manhattan holds the lease, and each keyholder pays for a key and a monthly fee. The payoff is nice. You can skate whenever you want, which is not a luxury here in NYC. All of our other parks are held under the microscope of the Republicans, and have lame hours and rules. This one was built by a big crew including "Jersey Tim", Pat Smith, Rob, Andreas, and many others.

It is located inside of a huge redbrick warehouse with dimensions of a 100x100x100 cube. The bowl is made of Birch wood, like the old Deitch bowl from last winter. Lined with great pool coping. It starts out with a rounded deepend at 7' and out of the curve, it slopes down to 6' on a long, long slide down along the wall. The rest of the bowl is a disappointing 6 foot deep, but there is a nice mogul jutting out of the wall, that extends into the flatbottom of the 6 foot area. And on the mogul wall, you can launch and wall ride on the red bricks, followed by an ollie back in to one of the two pockets on either side of the mogul. Another wall is built right up to an existing cinderblock wall, which provides a nice 4 foot vert wall. The last 6 foot wall goes from the vert wall over to the 7 foot deepend, providing a rounded hip and an extension into the deepend. One other pointed hip on the other side of the vert wall for nice launching into the pocket. It is a lot of fun and really well built. Kudos to Jersey Tim and crew for a job well done. I would have made it a foot deeper all the way around (at least), but I was an 80's vert skater. Man we could use some Grindline and Dreamland structures in NYC. And Sayerville is not good enough. How many NYC skaters have cars? We need to be able to access these places via Mass Transit.

There is video of the opening night party on my skate page at Check it!

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