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Hey, video for you!
: : Long story short...rainy nite, they get there, meetup w/Clif (paying keyholder). I'm at work. Little nobody schmuck named Marcos sayz no rollerskating allowed here. I think I know who it is and everyone I've checked wid sayz he's an A-hole...karma, BaBy. There's always one.
: : BS tho'... cuz I've skated there plenty over the yrs. No worries...
: What do the owners of the park say?? I would imagine they wouldn't be so happy about potential paying customers being told to go away. I hope Bombe & co. didn't have to pay money. Or if they did, they got a refund.
: People wonder why skate parks come and go so often. It is because of a-holes like Marcos. I'd definitely try to go over his head and get Marcos either fired or told to stfu.
: Is the name of the park itself, 'Autumn'?

btw... whaz "stfu"???

ps... try again with Dietch bowl pic.... (lemme know if you see it)

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