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I love Lisa too and when I do get rollerskating stuff, will order from her. She is a very nice person. And its been a slow coming back for me because of injury, mentally too. So I get that. And maybe in 10 years from now, I might have to put up my skates. But I dont understand why skating derby as I find that is MUCH more dangerous as you have NO control over hits/falls and someone falling on top of you. Since I looked up to Lisa so much and she was the person that first got me into this sport, I'm bummed that she isnt supporting vert skating anymore in any way. I was hoping to save up money for a lesson to learn stuff from her one day. When I was a cripple, I still breathed vert. She has some power to put up vert stuff, teach and videos to promote our community and hasnt followed through. I do understand as money is everything in our world, just not for me. My heart leads me, not my wallet. Of course I'm the one who cannot afford to go to Rollercon. And in some ways I am anti derby now as it seems so superficial to me, whereas vert is deep in the heart, not for show.

Anyway, enough yap. Today was supposed to be my bmx jump day but I'm going skating instead. Its about time for me to get decent doing something on my skates, I hope. If anyone can give me hints on how to start to grind on a 5 foot wide mini ramp, let me know! There are no vert skaters or even inliners really for me to learn this since Im frontstance. Enough said, gotta get to the kiddie park before the 100 kids show up and I have to wait a half hour for my turn......

: One thing I will say about Lisa is that you can not beat her service. I just placed an order and got it in three days and the shipping was only $5.
: : : : We shouldn't make to much of Rollergirl using the past tense. She also uses it for Rene Hulgreen, and he is alive and kicking. However, I also haven't heard anything from Martin Broich in a long time. Münster is far away from Freiburg in German terms.
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: : : I think she sees vert skating as dead as its now at the bottom, not been updated since I've started skating and everything is in past tense. :-( It says its derby owned now with nothing showing aggressive skating. I wish it were updated with the people who are still alive, well and actively skating! Just because its not popular like derby is now, doesnt mean it isnt still very much alive.
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: : Claudine, F*#K an A, Sister. You said it. I gotta say I was a bit Disappointed in Lisa (RollerGirl) last year @ RC. She does kinda act like Vert is Dead. AND not really Worthy of resusitation. She told me she couldn't SK8 parks anymore last year due to multiple concussions already that year. That's totally understandable. But IF that IS your medical condition, should you be skating Derby where people are actually TRYING to hit you?!? I don't think so. And the week after RC '08, she got hit REALLY Bad & was outta commission for awhile.
: : Now, I LOVE Lisa. She's a great ( & Very Attractive!!) Woman. I emailed her right after that Post-RC injury & she was getting better. She is running a business though & apparently she's decided the ONLY $$(money) to be made from rollerskates is in Derby. I really find that Sad, but I can't say she's Wrong. I mean, how many of us are there??? And don't most of you make your own skates anyway?
: : For the less-motivated (or tool-challenged), like myself, I refer you to where I got my SK8s:
: : doesn't Hate on the Old Vert Dogs! LOL! And they got $300+ from this Old Man. ;)
: : And I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Thank God (I mean,Bernard, of course!) for the Vert-Forum. If not for this resource, I may have thought Vert was at least Endangered myself!
: : PEACE! Jay
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