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Martin Broich
: Yeah, Mr. B is the best ever! Its great to have this forum, cause agreed, yes most the time the parks esp. are lonely. For me as an old woman anyways. At my park is a bunch of little boys. As in young dudes, lol, I know I'm still little too. ;-D Sorry for the rant. Lisa did a lot to help me get started, so thats why I"m disappointed. I looked up to her and she was a good teacher for me. But then came derby and she got busy and quit it seems. Thank God there is Irene to be my idol! Without here, I'd be alone. Yes some derby girls dabble in it, but obviously its just a side thing for them. So I will make a post now as I need help on the coping tricks!!
Oh child, I'm the only old woman here..haha. I use skateboarder women as a level of measure, but skating with those better than you is the best teacher. It's really the energy of someone really wanting to get that trick that motivates me most, no matter what they ride. Makes this old lady wanna try harder.

: : I just ordered my vert trucks from Lisa and she also has a new grind plate coming out. I got a little confused scrolling down so I am not sure who said it. Someone mentioned their kingpins were giving them problems. I have the same problem. I am grinding down my kingpins and they get in the way when I grind.
: :
What NEW grind plates? from IreNe.
: : :
: : : I agree: Lisa is great and she was one of the very first posters at this forum. It's a pity that we don't read her any more. But I'm also stoked that she still operates a roller skate business. How cool is that?
: : :
Very cool, more rollerskaters!!!

: : : Strickywear looks great, indeed. I'm eager to get my hands onto some Strickywear plates.

Me, too !!!!
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: : : : And... FOR SURE.... MR. B has had his hand in keeping this ALIVE, WELL AND KICKING for a long time to come! We are forever indebted to you. I vote for knighthood.... Sir B, yeah!
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: : : Thank you and Robert and everyone! You make an old man happy ... But, I have to repeat: It is you all, who visit this place who make it alive. So keep this a warm and cozy place and I'm sure no vert roller skater has to feel himself as the last of his dying species. In my eyes, vertical roller skating is getting better all the time. Hey, when did we have such good contacts all around the world?

Yes, it really is a blessing in so many ways. Thanks everyone for sharing.
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