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beginner questions
: Hi, I've just rediscovered roller skating (something I hadn't done since I was twelve!) and want to buy myself a pair of quad skates but I have no idea what to look for in a skate. For instance, are skates that look like shoes instead of boots (meaning, they don't go up the ankles) harder on the ankles? If I buy outdoor skates, will I be able to use them once in a while in a roller rink too? Are there any cheaper brands that people recommend (I really can't afford to get fancy)? I would hugely appreciate any input about buying skates that anyone wants to share.
: thank you thank you thank you!

Hey Loofa.
Welcome to the Forum AND Vertical Rollerskating. :) Where do you live?
If you're totally new to park skating & don't have skates I'd suggest you just get decent skates that are comfortable for you. has alot. If you want REAL Vert Skates, check out Gambin in the archives, he makes killer custom vert skates. As to high or low cut boots, that's really just a matter of preference. I was an old speed skater before skating pools, so I like ankle speed boots. But that doesn't make them better. If you skate awhile & find your skates lacking you can always upgrade. I skated stock speed skates in the parks for over a decade before finally getting "real" Vert skates just this year!
Most important thing to have is PADS!! Knee Pads, Wrist Guards & Helmet are a Neccessity.
Hope you find the Forum (& all of us) a useful resource. All kinds of Great videos & pictures in the Archives from EVERYBODY, avail yourself of them.
PEACE & Keep Rollin on 8.

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