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beginner questions
: : thanks Claudine,
: : like I just said to jay, I really just want to roller skate around town for now, so easy. You two were great to answer my questions; and I'll take to heart your words on protective gear, even though I'm not planning on vertical skating (still just figuring out what it is!) since I'm plenty likely to fall a bunch.
: : cheers,
: : l
: Loofa,
: you should go HERE and ask about skates. That forum has lots of helpful people who will answer you all day long about regular roller skates.
: However, I suggest looking for skates on Craigs List or freecycle, if you do not want to spend a lot. Also, resale shops are great for finding great deals. Maybe you can see if you can try on some other skaters boots to see whether or not you like high ankle support or low?? Do not buy tennis shoe skates.....unless you are just going to skate VERY casual. Not enough support for anything even slightly advanced. Leather boots are the best in my opinion. And finally, if you are going to be skating outdoors, get softer wheels. You can also find good deals on E-bay for wheels.
: Good luck!

Skatelog is best for recreational skating. Just get any rec skates that are comfortable/affordable to you and large 78a wheels. A nice set up would be trucks forward, but that takes some doing on your part. Unless you are very heavy, plastic trucks work better on streets then metal. Metal rattles.
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