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Inlining is now dead here somehow, go figure. Long live the one rollerskater!! lol.

: : : Great skating. It was nice to see the one kid hit the bowl. Is there a reason the inliners don't skate bowls?
: :
: : Yes. It is because :
: :
: : 1. They have so much peer pressure that "street is where it is at".
: :
: : 2. Since they never wear pads, they are most likely afraid of getting hurt!
: :
: : I will say though, that there are at least 4 of these guys who will hit the bowl, and kill it! I'll try to get them on film next time.
: That kid Shannon is a girl... which I didn't figure out for bout 10 secs. She ripped the bowl. Style these daze is wearing your sister's stretch jeans, so it's hard to discern, even to the experienced eye. The white skates gave it away.
: My park this yr is filled w/inliners like never before.... WHY??? cuz their fav park requires full pads, sans wrist/gloves. Funny kids, toooo cool, I guess, but think they all have buns of steel. My feeling is street skating requires full pads and and a cup. My only real gripe is the waxing of's invisible death. They're sliding on plastic, fer crying out loud. And for $300, they don't last very long before you're doin repairs. nuff said.
: Skating is skating, I'm no hater
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