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: : Wow, great video, great skating. Congratulations! Does you son think you are cool?
: Thanks! I'll tell Raven you liked his editing skills.
: As to 'cool', I can't be sure. I think he appreciates what I do and the fact that I am like a friend to him.
: I know he thinks I'm cooler than all of his friends' dads.

My son's friends thought I was the coolest mom, but adolescent boys generally don't wanna know or hang out with their parents. He skateboarded and inlined. Glad at the time his gang skated everything, so we hit a lot of parks and street spots. Great way to raise your kids, I miss those times....sniff sniff.
Who picks the music? Very cool, great filming... your son's quite talented. How old is he? When did he start skating and videography? Keep it coming, thx!
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