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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Hermosa Beach Skate-Cam July 4th 2009

Hey Skaters!
I don't remember if I mentioned it previously, but Dawnie, Ryder & I went out to SoCal (Southern California USA) for the Holiday weekend. We wanted to see our friends & I wanted to skate wwith them one more time before RC.
We left Sin City @ O-dark thirty(430am) heading straight to Brother Lee's place right on the beach in Fabulous Hermosa Beach CA. We were hoping to arrive by 10am to see the infamous 'Hermosa Beach Iron Man Competition'. This event differs from the more well-known Iron Man in that it consists of:

1) 1 mile run down the beach.
2) 1 mile ocean paddle on longboard.
3) Drinking a 6 pack of beer AND keeping it down for 20 minutes without regurgatation!

Now, this is more difficult than it sounds. Number 3, I mean. So, I'll spare you the vomit details & pics. Suffice it to say, it was something to see, if at a reasonably safe distance!

First let me Thank Lee for inviting us to share his beautiful home & view on the birthday of our nation.
Now, here are some pics from Brother Lee's balcony.

1st the view from Lee's balcony:
View from Lee's Balcony

Here's Brother Lee taking a pic of my wife & baby:
Brother Lee photogging Dawn & Ryder

Here's my take on shot Lee was taking in last pic:
My take on Lee's Shot of Dawnie & Ryder

Now, if bikini-clad women offend you, you may want to skip down to the videos from here!
Here's a babe in a bikini on rollerskates! What DON'T I LOVE about this?? Nothing!
Roller-Honey on Strand July 4

Here are some young Patriots marching by. Keep in mind, this is pretty normal stuff for Lee's viewing on The Strand!
I LOVE America!

OK, now, I liked this girl in the Gold bottoms (for obvious reasons!)

Rear-View hotties

Now, she saw me taking pics of her & her friend. So, she stops & asks me if I "have a hose she can use". I could barely contain myself. Here she is asking about hose:

Do you have a hose?

OK, sorry about all the gratuitous T & A, but that IS what the beach is all about, isn't it?! LOL!

Now, I don't know if anyone remembers, but on my last SoCal trip I had some problems with the video function on my camera & was unable to capture any footage of our skating. This time, due to all the extra shit I've gotta worry about/haul for my new Son, i forgot my camera's battery charger!:(
However, before my battery abandoned me, I was able to capture these 2 kinda cool clips of Lee,Duke & myself as we skated down The Strand (paved boardwalk that parallels beach & is Lee's backyard) on the 4th of July.
This 1st one Lee takes camera from me about midway through. This footage is pretty shaky & cam moves around, but it IS a skate-Cam & was just intended to give you a feel of the The Strand. On Skates.

This other one is more of the same with Lee being a bit of a beach terror to all the tourists. I guess we were ALL scaring them whippping past/through the crowd, but WE knew we wouldn't hity anybody! And we never did!

So, after getting back to our hotel I tried to view these clips & battery was DEAD! So, despite the fact that Duke, Lee & I skated Culver City AND Santa Monica on Sunday, I have NO footage of it. I think Lee got some stuff, but I have yet to see any of it.
Anyway, hope the lack of tranny skating in this post will go unpunished. Best to Everybody. And to those of you who ARE coming to the Skatepark Tour, just over 3 weeks now Kids! Getting Super-Stoked. Keep Rollin on 8.
PEACE................... Jay

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