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Hermosa Beach Skate-Cam July 4th 2009
: Wow, another instance of Jay-TV. Great!
: : the infamous 'Hermosa Beach Iron Man Competition'. This event differs from the more well-known Iron Man in that it consists of:
: :
: : 1) 1 mile run down the beach.
: : 2) 1 mile ocean paddle on longboard.
: : 3) Drinking a 6 pack of beer AND keeping it down for 20 minutes without regurgatation!
: :
: : Now, this is more difficult than it sounds. Number 3, I mean. So, I'll spare you the vomit details & pics. Suffice it to say, it was something to see, if at a reasonably safe distance!
: I would have vomited after only two sips. And I don't need to exhaust me b4 that! I have to admit that I really don't like beer. Probably allergic to beer.
: Seems like you had a really good time. Thanks for sharing! I wish I had been there, too. Those beach walks are for roller skating! They always ahve been.

Hey Bernard.
We wish you could make it to RC! Maybe 2010?? Hope so. With Biff,Duke & everyone else I expect to have LOTS of cool new footage to share next month!
PEACE....... Jay
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