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Seismic Trucks?
Hello all. I have been posting over at the Skatelog Forum, and met up with Biff through that site. We had a good time checking out a freshly poured skatepark in between San Antonio and Austin. I want to thank him for allowing me to witness his talent first hand. He and Raven owned everything that they tried.
I skate front stance and am still in the learning process after 3 years skating on and off in the park. Yesterday morning I fell while tearing through the bowl at the local park. My right skate was damaged in the process, thought I am still not sure if the fall caused the damage, or if the skate failed and thus caused the loss of control. Either way, I now wish to build a new setup without using the Sure Grip skate parts. My left knee got a good twist and is hurting now, as well as my tail bone. So, crafting a plate assembly with skateboard trucks will hopefully decrease my chances of plate breakage in the future.
Does anyone here have experience with the Seismic trucks? The action system is intriguing to me, and many skateboarders on other forums have good things to say about them.
I will try to post a few pics of my skates so that you can see what I have been working with. I had always thought that the SuperX plates were indestructible, but with the WIDE ramp trucks installed (these have thicker pivots than standard Sure Grip trucks) eventually the stress was too much. Also, has anyone actually tried cutting lightly used skateboards to use as a base skate plate? The assumption seems to be that these would be too heavy and prone to breakage, but skateboarders put a lot of effort toward abusing those things, and the boards hold up really well. Suggestions?


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