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Seismic Trucks?
Hey beer hunter nice job on the plates doood.Your a lucky bloke to have witnessed the unique style and talent of Biff in the flesh.If you browse the pics in this forum there are quite a few various ideas for plate setup but you'll find not many folks using any regular rollerskate parts as they just were'nt made for this kind of punishment.As for siesmics,,I belive the stability ,turnability and tuneability(variable spring rates)are the standout features that hill based skaters rave about but I recon the weight is gonna be your biggest problem.Most any of the popular brands are gona have enough of all those good points without the weight factor,just gota find a brand that offers the width your after.Cannot go wrong with Tracker, Indipendent or grind king.By the by,,welcome to the forum mate,look forward to seeing what you come up with.

cheers joe

: Welcome to this forum! It's always refreshing to see someone else involved in this crazy stuff.
: I'm sorry to hear of your fall and wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully no serious damage has been done to your knee! The knee is a delicate part of our body ...
: Did you have pivot bushings on your pivot? If not, I could imagine that your plate has worn out and that this has been the cause ofg the failure.
: Regarding Seismic trucks I have to admit that I have no experience but am impressed with the technology. I am not sure, however, if it offers a significant advantage to more conventional trucks. But whatever flows your boat ...
: : Also, has anyone actually tried cutting lightly used skateboards to use as a base skate plate?
: Holger Sander did exactly this. Some people use skis.
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