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: : Nothing too exciting but I'm always happy riding my beast lol, as it makes me feel big and bad for some reason. Me mounting it and riding, sorry I went out of view but I tried. I think I'm getting better though? I rock it to mount cause I cheat by pushing it forward so I can put weight on the rear pedal. Otherwise it flies from behind you.
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: : Heres me going off the curb on my little one. Its a lot of fun. Working on going up but there is no way I can do harder stuff in front of the camera as I get nervous. I can also sometimes do seat in front and idle some now. I mounted it but that was out of the lens too lol.
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: : I'll get a better video this weekend. My hamstring muscle has been strained but it should be fine by weekend and I'll have more space/time to tape.
: Damn, Claudine! You're pretty good on that thing. There's NO WAY I could ride a unicycle. Impressive.

Thank you Jay!! I'm doing OK, nothing really impressive. But Jay, you could learn. Mounting though IS harder then dropping in. ALso may be cause I'm so short lol!

Its a lot of fun too. Its easier here to learn that then skating because I dont have to wait until places open, or the weather is dry and dont have to drive any place. I'm hoping now that I'm not working much in the evenings I can skate more and will improve faster. I'm also really motivated to get good enough to ride mountain uni soon. I need to be able to jump logs and ride over roots and rocks and all and mount on difficult ground. My mtb I already bent the stays once from riding too rough so I dont ride that much. I actually find pedaling more natural too as I was basically born on a "bicycle" and been on one my whole life so bicycle anything is easy for me. The rollerskating I havent been lucky to get into until just recently.
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