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: : : : My mtb I already bent the stays once from riding too rough so I dont ride that much.
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: : : **Your seat stays or your chain stays? How in heck did you bend your stays??**
: :
: : The rear stays/rear derailler. My mtb is meant cross country, not jumping, really not jumping logs I guess either. I do that on a bmx now as mtb cost too much and nothing much in my size lol. If you jump a lot on an aluminum frame, the stays start to buckle out, even on a lightweight like me lol. And derailler gets screwed.
: Growing up, I do not think I have ever bent a stay, but then again.....I have had older bikes which are probably not aluminum. I have a very old Raleigh even now.

Yes, but those older bikes did not go on intermediate mountain bike off road trails with 3+ foot drops or go over 1 foot tall logs, jumps, etc. and get twigs stuck in the gears eh? Of course my old bike I jumped curbs, etc. and never got a flat, even today. If you ride real off road riding, it gets expensive, brakes break, chains break, the teeth on the chainwheel get messed up from missing log jumps, forget the whole gear thing, mine is now a 1x8, its pretty pricey. Best thing to do as I've done is single speed, no deraillers, bmx bike. Smaller for me, lighter, sturdier, simplier, wont break!! This is where I ride now and my bike stays in one piece. Give me an old bike I can break it in an hour lol.
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