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dropping in GSL first time
Literally! I got there and stretched :-) and then the guys were packing up. So I asked the dude if he could video me before they left and that forced me to hurry up and drop in. So heres the first time I dropped in that bowl. The fist water fall you get air off of so it kinda threw me off. I've never rolled a bowl this big so the 2nd deep area kinda freaked me out.

Heres the 2nd time going in. You can see more the bowl. THe first section I carve is 6' deep, 2nd is 9 feet deep. My leg still hurts so probably wont skate for a full week now :`( so I can really skate next time so thats why I am kinda skating just one leg lol. The deep end it gets rough so that threw me off. After they left I figured its better to go to the center, pump to get speed for the hump then later I will go over that hump. I didnt even get to catch many lines of them before they were gone. But kept it easy so I could feel the bowl first time. I dont care for the rough corner, just not used to it yet and 9' wall kinda freaks me out since thats close to the one I broke my arm on so kinda freeze on it for now. So give me a few and I'll have something more interesting to post. Not much to show, but this bowl is really rad!! Feels good just wish the deep end was smoother. I will TRY to get my butt out of bed before it gets so stinking hot and everyone is packing for home next time.

Since I get bored easily lol, decided to ride my uni off road first time so heres me swatting the flies as I go down a 20 degree hill with some roots, grass and small rocks to go over. I NEED to learn to stop and hop so I can go over those yellow car things. Then stop at the tennis courts and hop around to go UP the hill but kinda lazy there today lol. If I dont learn to hop soon I will PLOW those barriers with the bigger uni! SMASH lol.

Video starts at 16 sec, sorry no editing software.

So speaking of HOT, my butt pads make my butt sweat like mad! Do they make ones with air conditioning lol? The kids were like why so many pads. Well, gotta lol. So hopefully leg will be fine by next week and I can jump with the unicycle. I'm going to start a HUGE painting of Irene tomorrow, I'm a super lucky girl!!
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