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dropping in GSL first time
Thank you Bernhard!! This was my first time going to a non kidney shaped bowl really. Since the guys were leaving, I had to push myself just to jump in it lol.

It really throws you off first time as you have to just roll to understand the nuances of the bowl. I thought the first dip when I got some unexpected air I might lose balance but it was OK. I am trying to stay not hurt so I dont skate long and will take the week off since my hamstring is still a touch sore. I see my ortho dr. tomorrow so will see if he has any advice. I tried not to use it so its better to roll then try tricks now as the explosive moves kill it. I think I need to get more endurance first. I have none lol! Maybe street skate so my muscles get in shape? I took almost a full year off and got very out of shape.

I always step on coping and jump on in. I am right foot forward so thats the foot I jump on in with. Like I mentioned, I've learned alone so I have no idea what is right/wrong lol. Its so much fun though! I really love the big bowl. Next time I will get more speed and go over that hump. I just didnt want to use my leg much today. And thanks for letting me share my beginnings. :-D

The uni is fun but like I mentioned, little endurance now lol. I also havent developed the coordination to hop yet unless I start next to my car. I hope soon! As I can ride trails then.

: Wow, Claudine, looks great! You're doing awesomely great!
: I 'm impressed that you put only one foot on the coping when dropping. That's much better than putting both on the coping. You'd loose too much speed that way. Personally, I'd put the forefoot (in your case as in mine: the right one) one the coping. I believe the rear foot is better suited to give you an additional impulse. But other skaters may have a different opinion on that.
: Your unicycling is crazy but you probably have everyone here flabbergasted because no one else here can do it!
: Thumbs up! I'm so glad that you can skate again. Don't get hurt!
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