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dropping in GSL first time
I wasnt really trying to pump since my hamstring is strained, but thanx for the advice! I probably shouldnt have skated so I tried to not do much. I'll wait to take a video when my leg isnt hurting.

: That's great that you can go skate there!
: You might want to try using the deep end, or the shallow end, for practicing pumping to gain more height. Don't lean over quite so much, except when pumping. As you pump, you'll straighten your body out while you push down into the transition in order to help accelerate you to the top of the coping.
: It seems hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it helps you to conserve energy, as well as allow you to skate right out of the bowl, without having to climb out.
: Good work.
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