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Demo at the Parlour by FNG
: Seriously??? I followed one thread w/you & Robert about sk8boarders. Did you not skate almost exclusively with them as a rollerskater? I did. In fact, if it weren't for my good friend, Kirk, I never would've started skating transitions.
: Anyway, while not technically a Ho-Ho I was referring to your 2 handed handplant that you roll away from fakie(parallel).
: On a sk8board,if you do a 2-handed handplant while balancing board on feet it's called a Ho-Ho. It usually involves walking on hands on deck, transitioning to one hand to grab board, then back into ramp like standard invert.
: I got alot of good-natured ribbing about my handplants cuz for YEARS they were ALWAYS 2-handed & my sk8s were tied on.My buddy would never call 'em inverts.
: And, if you knew all along what a Ho-Ho was & were just screwing with me,I guess it worked.
: I'll be skating with you in less than 2 weeks. I'm really stoked.I THINK I may be able to lace up for 'Old Dudes Night' @ Area 702 this tue......I hope.
: Have a great weekend, Bro.
: PEACE....................................Jay


Technically yes, but I never learned the names of all their tricks. Heck! I don't even know the name of all of my tricks!!

Have fun getting ready for what is to come at the 702, because, you'll need it! I'm going to shred that place from one side to the other.

Have a good weekend yourself, Jay.
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