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Must be Rough...
: : Seriously??? I followed one thread w/you & Robert about sk8boarders. Did you not skate almost exclusively with them as a rollerskater? I did. In fact, if it weren't for my good friend, Kirk, I never would've started skating transitions.
: : Anyway, while not technically a Ho-Ho I was referring to your 2 handed handplant that you roll away from fakie(parallel).
: : On a sk8board,if you do a 2-handed handplant while balancing board on feet it's called a Ho-Ho. It usually involves walking on hands on deck, transitioning to one hand to grab board, then back into ramp like standard invert.
: : I got alot of good-natured ribbing about my handplants cuz for YEARS they were ALWAYS 2-handed & my sk8s were tied on.My buddy would never call 'em inverts.
: : And, if you knew all along what a Ho-Ho was & were just screwing with me,I guess it worked.
: : I'll be skating with you in less than 2 weeks. I'm really stoked.I THINK I may be able to lace up for 'Old Dudes Night' @ Area 702 this tue......I hope.
: : Have a great weekend, Bro.
: : PEACE....................................Jay
: Seriously.
: Technically yes, but I never learned the names of all their tricks. Heck! I don't even know the name of all of my tricks!!
: Have fun getting ready for what is to come at the 702, because, you'll need it! I'm going to shred that place from one side to the other.
: Have a good weekend yourself, Jay.
: Cheers!
: Biff

You slay me, Brother! It must be tough to have such a Bag O' Tricks that you don't know what they're all called! I have like 3 names for my meager bag so I can call out like they're a dif trick!
Can't wait to SK8...just got Epic news about another OLD skater who's coming to RC.........
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