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Must be Rough...
: Biff, I love the way you go from side stance to straight stance. I used to do the handstand to fakie all of the time, but with my hurt shoulder I can't seem to do a handstand. I love the fakie to plate stahl. I need to start learning those. Your son is doing great. Get him and his friends on the vert and then maybe on rollerskates. If they don't start, then our sport may die once we are all too old to walk.

I do not think my son will do rollerskates, Maybe some day... but definitely not now.

I hope your shoulder starts feeling better! I would like to see you show me your tricks when in good condition. I'm glad that you liked my little vid. It wasn't spectacular, but it was fun to get my ankle rolling again. It is feeling even stronger now!! :)

A fun thing to do when skating bowls is to continually try to switch from front stance to side stance to back stance (fakie) and every combination there of!!
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