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Jay, that is so awesome. I used to skate parking garages with my dad and play hockey. After he broke his shoulder skiing many many years ago, he stopped all of that. The poor guy can't even play golf because his body is so broken. I really want to go to RC, but don't think it will happen.

: Dang, that is so awesome and inspiring!! I would give anything to go to RC but I dont have any money. I hope one year. I will certainly be sad to miss this!!
: : Well kids, I keep thinking this RC has surprised me for last time (& it hasn't even begun!) then some new news reaches me ,from or regarding, yet another rollerskater who's come out of the woodwork for my little event here in Vegas.
: : 1st confirmed RC Virgin was Biff, whom I look forward to skating AND hanging with GREATLY.:) Then Tim Altec.Good..good. Strong rumors of Fred Blood. Pretty Sweet.
: : And now,one near AND dear to My Heart.....
: : My Old Man. Yes. My Dad. He's an Old School Rollerskater (Parallel!! HElls Yeah! LOL!) who actually broke his knee in a pool in late 70's ( Rectors really sucked for protection). He's got a metal knee cap. They told him he'd NEVER run again or walk without a cane when it happened. He was not only doing BOTH those things, he was skating 13 foot concrete again within 6 months. But parks died in Michigan (my home state) in late 70's & he hung up his sk8s.
: : Well, he's coming out for RC...actually almost a week before RC & he wants to SK8!! We're gonna hit a park or 2 Pre-RC to let him get his sk8 legs back, but he's in good shape & the equipments MUCH better today than it was back in the Day.
: : So, he'll turn 62 less than a week after RC. I think, if he ends up skating, he'll handily take Oldest Skater of the Year Props. :) I'm Stoked. All my friends. All those girlies :) & my Dad too. It is gonna be Crazy.
: : Anyway, here's a pic circa '78 or '79 (maybe I can get Dad on Forum to testify to date himself), actually a scanned series of pics of Dad. One he's in an Invert, another he's falling on failed invert. Res is bad, sorry , but these ARE pretty old. No digital cams in the Day!
: : Photobucket
: :
: : Is that, or is that not the shit?!
: : So, get your pads cleaned, your bearing greased, & your Asses to Vegas!
: : PEACE......................Jay
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