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Thanks Everybody. :)
: Hey, sorry to hear things are tight with you too, things are getting scary round here. You are incredibly lucky to have another skater to skate with! I hope one day to even see another rollerskater. Take advantage of it, you will learn much faster I'm sure!
: : : : That is superb having your father get back on skates after all these years, and then to join you at such a special time of the year.
: : : : I really would love to attend, but times are tough here. Spending $60 on skate parts to get myself back into the park is a luxury at this point, but I see it as necessary since skating is about the only way I can get motivated to exercise. I'm pretty much keeping Claudine company in her loneliness at this point in time and missing out on the gathering.
: : : : Hopefully next year things will be better, and maybe by that time I will be able to perform something worth watching.
: : :
: : : Maybe we can meet up some more to get some sessions going.... to help you reach that goal?! I really didn't have enough time, when we last met, to really get to know you or skate with you.

You guys all Rock. I only wish we ALL could get together. One of these days we'll make it happen. Maybe find a geographically equ-distant point from all of us: The Aussies, The Europeans & The Americans & just make it happen. Somewhere with pools AND vert ramps!! Yeah.
Robert & BH, there's no way carpooling/hotel sharing etc. would facilitate getting BOTH of you guys out this year?! BH, we're looking for participation (as my kind Brother Duke always tells me) not competition. I'm sure you've got plenty going on to watch already. Trust me, once you're around a few other skaters you're just gonna be amped to sk8 & spectate. It's all good.
I hope everybody has a Great weekend filled with epic skating.
2 weeks from today is the day I'm REAllY looking forward to. Area 702 ALL TO OURSELVES & then my 40th Party & much Absinthe. Look out.

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