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: : So that is why you posted those pics last night on your photobucket account!!?? Good ol' Dad is coming to town! And..dare I add....rumors of Fred Blood!!! That was what I was thinking you meant after the hints the other night. I would so love to meet Fred!
: :
: : He organized a Woodward skate a couple of years ago, and I got hurt right before it was to happen. I 'SO' wanted to go to that!!! This would be amazing for me to meet these guys. Your Dad included.
: :
: : Wow. I am not missing this for the world.
: Yeah. I know. My 1st memory of vertical skating (& 1 of the 1st memories I REALLY remember AT ALL) is of seeing Fred & my old man skating in this pool (which to my 7 year old ass looked bottomless) back in Michigan in late 70's. Fred actually came to the hospital when my Dad was in there with broken knee. Old man's supposed to be finding pic of me, him & Fred from WAY back in the Day. Should be cool.
: I'm really looking forward to meeting you, Bro. Re-meeting Fred. Tim Altec. Already have the whole Dying Breed Crew this year. SO Awesome.
: Think I'm gonna try to sk8 today. Light hour session on a 4' Spine. I think it'll give me decent oppurtunity to test range of motion w/o much risk of exacerbating knee issue. I hope.
: So, you'll be here on Thursday 7/30, right?? I mean HERE skating? I'm still trying to work out logistics of getting us vert-dogs to Wagon Wheel (WW).
: It's mostly a timing/HEAT issue. Only potential times really would be Thursday or Friday AFTER scheduled parks (Thursday we're 5 minutes away, but Friday's other side of town.....30 min or better) or during day when noone would wanna sk8. So.... wanna make sure big dogs are gonna be in town for that. If I can schedule it.
: I know Duke & Des won't be here til Fri. Irene, Lee & myself will be here from start. Don't know when Tim and/or Fred will be here.
: So, stil trying to cross a couple T's & dot a couple I's, but it's coming together nicely. :)
: PEACE.....................................Jay

I'll definitely be there by Wed Jul 29 2009, for my overnight stay at the State Park. I'm down for the count! Errrr....wait....I think I mean I'm up for it!
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