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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
RollerCon Stop 2...OR......something for those who just can't wait.....
like me! LOL! I'm throwing together what I can, while I can. Because, as you all know, I've been BUSY! RollerCon officially ended yesterday, but doesn't really feel like it.
My favorite Family, The Rennies stayed an extra day in Vegas @ the Golden Nugget & we spent the morning using the Killer waterslide through the 200,000 gallon Shark tank! Fun.
But not as much fun as the skating we did!
I did what filming I could, people ,but when the skating's this Epic, I'm watching AND waiting to Drop-In! So, when Dawnie had the baby, I did what I could. There's plenty to get an idea. Unfortunately on this evening, other than some pics of the participants, I only got ONE video. What can ya do?
So here are the participants from Thursday night.
In no particular order of importance, so noone get offended, please.

Tim Altic:
Tim Altic

RC 09 Poster Girl, PITA aka Heather Martin:
P.I.T.A./Heather Martin

Desi Jones:

Desi Jones

Our Drop-In Derby Girl from Stop 1, 'Agata Chokabitchskie' & Hubby Zak:

'Agata Chokabitchskie' & Hubsband Zac

Biff Riley:

Biff Riley

Ben Cloetens (My Dad):

Ben (my Dad) Cloetens

And the only shot I got of sister Irene that night (sorry, Claudine!)

Desi Jones, Irene Ching Zak & PITA Martin
Actually pictured are, Desi Jones, Irene Ching, Zak & PITA Martin

Biff Riley & Yours Truly:

Biff Riley & Me, Jay Cloetens

Non-Skating, but Supportive Team members, Todd (PITA's Husband)Martin & Derby Girl 'Viciousness' aka Vanessa:
'Viciousness' & Todd (PITA's Husband) Martin

Me with my step-mom Robin holding my baby, Ryder:
Me, Robin (my step-mom) Cloetens & my baby boy Ryder Layne Cloetens

And, only video from Thursday that I took. This starts out Tim Altic skating, then goes to Biff Riley. Enjoy.

So, that was Stop 2, Kids. What I captured anyway. Hope you liked it. I'm uploading stuff as I post for Stop 3, so hope to get that up tonight too.
We want EVERY QUAD SKATER who frequents the Forum out for 2010. Wait til you see the skating from Stops 3 AND 4!! We liked 4 SO much, we went back again on Sunday changing Stop 5 to Area 702 again!!!
Keep rollin & I really wanna hear Everybody's comments, but don't be surprised if I don't post for a couple days after today. I'm taking some more vaca time & hopping on a plane tomorrow to California! Gonna sk8 with brothers Duke, Desi AND Biff again! How cold I resist that?!
Robert, if you're out there, Tuesday August 4, 7pm @ The Cove in Santa Monica!!! Get there!~!!!

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